Eco group meeting in Broadwindsor

On the afternoon of Saturday 23 February, the Beaminster Area Eco Group will hold, in Broadwindsor, the first of an intended series of meetings in villages within the Team Ministry Area.

The group is focused on broad environmental issues which affect all who live in this district.  It was co-initiated by the Beaminster St Mary’s Church Eco group and other local people.  It is driven by growing public awareness of three global processes which threaten the health of natural systems and the well-being of mankind – global warming and climate change, largely caused by human action;  plastic waste, which is now blighting the oceans and finding its way into our own food and bodies;  and the global loss of biodiversity.

Recent months have seen a rapid rise in public and political awareness of these three processes.  Influential voices – the International Panel on Climate Change and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity – are now calling for a radical shift in our collective behaviour, worldwide.  The call is to:

  • cut carbon emissions by 45% by 2030, and to zero by 2050 – which means a sharp cut in use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas and petrol) … not easy to do in a rural area!
  • stop the destruction of habitats, and protect wildlife
  • stop the use of single-use plastics; reduce, reuse or recycle other plastic.

These are formidable targets.  The group believes that we in this district cannot stand aside from the action.  The aim of this meeting – to which all are invited – is to describe the problem, and to provoke discussion on what action we can indeed take.  2.30 to 4.30pm (including tea) at Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor, Saturday 23 February.

Michael Dower 01308 863515