Dorset Police warn of iTunes scams

Dorset Police are warning Dorset residents of the increasing use of scams where iTunes vouchers are requested as payment to the fraudsters.

Telephone and email scammers tell the victims that the payment can be for any number of purported reasons, including alleged PPI refunds, debts repayments, utility costs etc.

Legitimate companies will never use iTunes or other vouchers as a means of taking payment.

Local retailers are also being asked to look out for and warn potential victims buying large quantities of vouchers for unclear reasons.

In a recent case in Poole a person received a phone call relating to Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). The informant was told that a package with thousands of pounds in it would be delivered to their address but that they would need to get iTunes vouchers first to give in exchange to the courier.

Fortunately, the person was well aware these were scam calls and challenged the callers before hanging up, and did not provided any personal details or buy any iTune vouchers.

However, there is a growing number of victims who are falling for this scam both nationally and in Dorset, which can be started by telephone, email or on social media, and losing significant sums of money.

Dorset Police advise that such calls should be hung up as soon as possible. If you do lose money or disclose personal details then contact Action Fraud on or 0300 123 2040 to report. Vulnerable victim should be reported directly to Dorset Police 101.

For information and advice about scams in Dorset, go to the police’s Fraud Alert page