Dorset’s Weeds are under attack

Dorset County Council is beginning a programme of weed spraying on ‘sealed highway surfaces’ such as tarmac, kerbing, paving and concrete structures in urban areas across Dorset.

The spraying team, who use a quad bike and bowser attachment to spay these hard surfaces, is starting in Christchurch and will be making their way westwards, aiming to have covered the whole county within six weeks (weather depending).

The primary need to keep surfaces from weeds is to protect hard surfaces from deterioration. Perennial weeds can establish and expand and can cause cracking in surfaces, allowing water to penetrate and damage the hard surface.

The weed killer is the latest glyphosate based product, has been made environmentally safer and, while it is still just as effective, broad-leaved weeds will take over a week to show signs of decline, the grasses much more quickly.

The county council is working in partnership with some town councils to complete this programme and a contribution towards costs has been made available for some town councils who are able to carry out additional treatments themselves.