Melplash Show Live Lamb Competition – 2018 results

Continental Breeds Champion Clive Peach

The live lamb competition sponsored by S J Norman & Sons is held annually on the Melplash Showground on the Tuesday before Show Day and marks the start of the annual show.

Sheep farmers in the area bring along a matching pair of lambs to be judged.  After judging they are taken to the local slaughterhouse (S J Norman & Sons, Bradpole) where they are killed ready for the lamb carcass judging competition at the show.

This year there were a total of 50 pairs of lambs.  They are classified by weight – under 75kg (light) and over 75kg (heavy) and by breed – continental sired or native sired.

The judge for the evening was Stuart Clatworthy, a farmer and butcher from East Huntspill, Highbridge, on the Somerset Levels.  A long-standing family farm that produce lambs and beef cattle.  When asked what he was looking for he said: “A good pair of lambs, with good legs and good conformation”. He said it was an impressive lot of entries and not an easy task to judge.

Native Breeds Champion James Bailie

Society president Richard King gave out the prizes and thanked everyone for entering the competition.  He also thanked the section chairman, Ian Andrews, and his helpers, and gave special thanks to the judge.

The evening finished with a delicious lamb dinner on the show field, hosted by John Norman.



Light (under 75kg): 1st Mr T Marsh; 2nd Mrs Susan Harris; 3rd Mr S E Wrixon; 4th Mrs Susan Harris.

Heavy (over 75kg): 1st Mr Clive Peach; 2nd Mr & Mrs D Churchill; 3rd Mr Richard Gillard; 4th Mr & Mrs D Churchill.

Champion: Clive Peach


Light (under 75kg): 1st Mr Matthew Bagwell; 2nd Mrs Jenny Rearden; 3rd Maydown Farm; 4th C G Newman Ltd.

Heavy (over 75kg): 1st Mr James Baillie; 2nd Mr R Bowditch; 3rd Mr T Marsh; 4th Mr Read.

Champion: James Bailie.