Youth Sounds is coming to Bridport!

Young Music Leaders from local music charity B Sharp are organising ‘Youth Sounds’ a gig for young people, on Saturday 6th April at the Lyric Theatre in Bridport at 7pm. The gig showcases several local bands as well as being a great night out where people can enjoy listening to local artists.

Young Music Leader Elsa commented, “We wanted to organise a gig to bring young people together performing their own music and showcasing their talents in a positive environment.” Supported by the IWill Project, many local youngsters will be involved in putting on the gig from performers, people helping with promotion, to young technicians doing sound and lighting. Young Music Leader Issy commented, “We’ve even got friends involved in volunteering to stage the event, sell tickets and put on refreshments on the night.“

B Sharp is well known for staging excellent gigs, as well as for its fantastic Youth Music Leader (YML) programme which gives young people the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the music industry and producing events. If you are interested in working with B Sharp as a YML or gaining work experience on events and gigs, contact Ruth Choen, CEO and Artistic Director,

Tickets for the Youth Sounds gig are available now from B Sharp