Residents voice concerns over Clinical Services Review

On Wednesday (22 August) local action groups and residents with concerns about elements of the Clinical Services Review will discuss the proposals with county and district councillors.

Dorset’s Health and Scrutiny Committee has created a special task and finish group to look at, and consider, concerns from residents about the NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group’s review.

The committee scrutinises the way health services are provided in Dorset (excluding Bournemouth and Poole). It’s made up of district, borough and county councillors and is hosted by Dorset County Council.

They can make recommendations to various health bodies, including the NHS, and Dorset County Council.

As task and finish group meetings are not public, representatives from local groups – including Defend NHS Dorset and Healthwatch Dorset, as well as a number of concerned individuals, have been invited to join the meeting so they can have their say.

Dorset County Councillor Ray Bryan is Chair of the task and finish group. He said: “We understand how vital local health and care services are to our residents and acknowledge that there are a lot of concerns about parts of the Clinical Services Review. It is right that their views and opinions are heard, which is why we’re having this meeting.

“Dorset County Council’s Cabinet also recognises how important this matter is and fully supports this opportunity for residents to discuss their issues with councillors in more detail.”

The Dorset Health Scrutiny Committee has received concerns from Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole residents. Bournemouth and Poole councils both have their own scrutiny committees for their areas.

When something affects health services across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole, a pan-Dorset committee can be established. However, the Dorset committee can still scrutinise and make decisions on specific issues that will have an impact on its residents.

After the meeting on Wednesday, the working group will then give an update to the Dorset Health and Scrutiny Committee in September, with a full report to follow at a later meeting.