UPDATE: ATM raid in Beaminster

A meeting was held on site on 4 September with the structural engineer, scaffolding design engineer, scaffolder and builders.

In a statement, Beaminster Town Council said at this stage it was not possible to give too much detail of the likely timescale, but the nominated builders CG Fry hoped to start removing some of the rubble/stonework this week.

The statement continued: “Reassurance has been given that they will confirm if this is possible later after completion of risk assessments and dependent on availability of necessary equipment and suitable staff.

“The engineers believe that it will take about a week to complete the design for the necessary scaffolding, and the scaffolder from Bridport suggested that he should be able to start work very soon after the design is completed but emphasised that he is likely to need to source some special materials (other than his normal scaffolding) which could take a day or two.

“The whole procedure will be a delicate operation both to safeguard the building and to make it safe for those working in and around the building, it will incorporate a ‘crash deck’ (basically a method of protecting those working under the precarious structure) while the scaffold is completed.

“The engineers understand the necessity to get two-way traffic operating asap and, if at all possible, to also reinstate all the parking spaces in the Square, so will try to incorporate this in their scaffolding design

“Once the design is complete it should be possible to give a much better guide on timescale and details will be posted when available.

“Before that it is hoped to be able to let you know when CG Fry will be able to start removing the debris.

“Guard barriers will be reduced to nearer the building as and when possible.”