Dorset Police PLOD for charity

Dorset Police is organising a 10km walk to raise money for a new memorial to remember fallen officers and staff.

Every year, the Dorset Police Chief Constable selects a charity to support, with James Vaughan choosing to support the UK Police Memorial Trust which is fundraising for a new memorial to be built at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The memorial is to pay tribute to, and honour the dedication, courage and sacrifice of those who have given their lives to serve and protect communities in UK policing. It will also offer a living memorial fund that will support the families of officers and staff killed on duty in the future.

In support of this charity, Dorset Police is organising a 10km ‘Jurassic Plod’ charity walk taking place on Saturday 8 September.

A ‘Just Giving’ page has been set up to receive donations from other charitable events that have been taking place across the Force in support of this campaign. To read more about the ‘Jurassic Plod’, view the progress of donations or to support the cause please visit:  

Dorset Police Chief Constable, James Vaughan, said: “I am pleased to be assisting such a poignant charity offering recognition for the courage and sacrifice of fallen colleagues. 

“Once complete, the memorial will provide a space to remember officers and staff who have died from injuries sustained while carrying out their lawful duties, and serve as an important and meaningful symbol of gratitude for years to come.”