Lyme Regis Harbour Master’s office secures further funding

Proposed view of harbour masters office - Ellis Belk designs

The Harbour Masters office in Lyme Regis has had further funding approved by West Dorset District Council’s Strategy Committee.

A report set out to update members on project progress and ask for a further £220,000 to enable the engineering team to award a contractor.

How much of this will be spent will be determined once the project team can award a contract. This process will begin straight away, with construction to start in autumn after the school holidays.

Completion is anticipated before March 2019, in time for harbour staff to move back in for the 2019 summer season.

In 1996/97, the RNLI built the existing structure on council land. This included an office building for use as a West Dorset District Council Harbour Masters Office.

In 2015, a notice of contravention for the facility was submitted to West Dorset District Council by the Health and Safety Executive. It flagged up issues that the project team have been working hard to address.

Shortly after the notice was received, an allocation of £200,000 was committed by the bouncil from corporate reserves.  Temporary measures were taken to immediately address the issues.

The project team appointed Ellis Belk, principal designer, in August 2016 to design the extension as per the scope of works. The design phase of the project was completed in December 2017.

In May 2018, tenders closed for the construction works package. The quoted fee was greater than the initial allocation of funds secured in 2015/16.

The number of customers received at the Harbour is increasing and the build should incorporate requirements that meet the corporate plans for growth and development.

Cllr John Russell, briefholder for environmental protection and assets, said: “We are going beyond the recommendations put forward by the Health and Safety Executive. The design future proofs the facility for an anticipated increase in demand for boats in the harbour itself. The design will be using high-quality materials that are in-keeping with this important conservation area.  We are excited about the delightful addition of a 180 degree observation balcony.”