Police issue scammer warning after couple lose thousands

A Bridport couple have been conned out of £24,000 after responding to a hoax caller claiming to be from BT.

The incident is being investigated by Dorset Police, who are warning people to be vigilant.

Police were called to the couple’s house shortly after 12.40pm on Wednesday following the call.

A spokesman said: “Officers said that the couple had received a call from the scammer who claimed that there was suspicious activity with their phone line and the hoaxer managed to keep the victims on the line for some time.

“An amount of money then went missing for their account.”

BT is urging people never to share personal details.

A spokesman said: “People should be on their guard for fraudsters who pretend to be from BT. Our advice to people who receive these calls is to never give away your BT customer number or any other personal details.

“We also suggest that people shred all of their bills once they have been sorted to make sure their details cannot be accessed.”