Summer drink driving campaign begins to bite

Seven people have been charged with drink driving offences during the first week of Dorset Police’s summer drink driving campaign.

They are due to appear at courts in Poole and Weymouth this month.

The campaign runs from Friday 1 June 2018 to Monday 16 July 2018 to coincide with the World Cup.

Throughout the operation, officers will be requesting breath tests from all drivers involved in road traffic collisions, irrespective of whether or not they suspect a drink driving offence.

Motorists can also expect to be tested during routine stop checks and if they are stopped for any other driving offence.

As in previous campaigns, anyone charged with a drink driving related offence during the campaign will have their name and court appearance details released to the media.

If you suspect someone of drink driving, please call police immediately on 999 with the vehicle registration number and direction of travel.

To pass information about someone who regularly drives under the influence of alcohol, please visit and click on ‘know a dangerous driver?’. Members of the public can also email or call 101.