Clock ticking on Bridport’s ‘Time to Decide’

Time is running out for individuals and groups wishing to respond to the Pre Submission consultation draft of the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan.. The Neighbourhood Plan covers the communities of Allington, Bothenhampton & Walditch, Bradpole, Symondsbury, Bridport and West Bay and is out for public comment until Friday 7th September 2018.

The Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan has been developed with input from over 100 local people and as part of the consultation representatives will be attending a number of local events to discuss whether the objectives, policies and projects set out in the Plan will ensure that the Bridport area remains a place everyone can be proud of, with an improved supply of affordable homes, better public facilities, employment opportunities and a reduced carbon footprint

Phyllida Culpin, Chair of the Steering Group says: “It’s very important that you tell us what you think of the proposals – whatever your views. If you think the ideas are alright – again let us know – a quick email will do very well.”

Local events where information on the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan will be available are:

  • 14th August – Symondsbury Parish Council (6.00pm)
  • 15th August – Bothenhampton Village Hall (4-6pm)
  • 23rd August – Melplash Show
  • 26th August – Symondsbury Fete
  • 5th September – Bridport Town Hall (4-7 pm)


Once the consultation period is closed, the Joint Councils Committee comprised of representatives from Bridport Town Council and the neighbouring Parishes of Allington,

Bothenhampton & Walditch, Bradpole and Symondsbury will gather together all the comments received and produce an official consultation statement, listing all the views and opinions submitted, and setting out how the plan is to be amended as a result.

The revised neighbourhood plan will then be formally submitted to West Dorset District Council, the local planning authority. Once complete, the Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan will become a statutory planning document and will be used to guide developments in the Bridport Area until 2036.

Find out more: TIME TO DECIDE Take a look at the full pre-submission document or summary version at: and follow the link to the online questionnaire

Hard Copies of the document and questionnaire are available from Bridport Library, Tourist

Information Centre, Bridport Town Council offices and from Parish Clerks